Clinton Egged by Protester in Poland

Former President Bill Clinton, who is on a European speaking tour, was hit today by a raw egg thrown by a protester as he strolled through the Polish capital's old town district.

At least one egg hit Clinton on the arm as he stepped out of an antique store before Polish and American security personnel wrestled the assailant to the ground. The former president took off his suit jacket and continued his walk in sunny weather for another 15 minutes, signing autographs and greeting tourists. "The President laughed off the matter saying "it was good for young people to be angry about something," said Clinton's spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri. Clinton was in Warsaw as part of a paid speaking tour of Europe. He was due to address a meeting of businessmen later at a downtown hotel, which was being picketed by several dozen anti-capitalist demonstrators amid heavy security. A Warsaw police spokesman said a 19-year-old man had been arrested after the egg-throwing incident.