John Kerry on the Campaign Trail

In Missouri, Kerry, who has snatched up all but one of Rep. Dick Gephardt's presidential press shop, also appears well positioned to swipe the Show Me State's 74-delegate top prize.

The Kerry camp also feels confident in Arizona, where well over 1,000 people rallied in the Tucson sun and nearly 800 energized supporters gathered in Phoenix Monday.

In an interview with ABC News' Kate Snow, Kerry stated he would be "satisfied" if he "won four or five states" in Tuesday's elections.

Though the candidate refuses to speculate beyond numbers, several Kerry are hopeful in Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, and North Dakota, leaving Delaware, Oklahoma, and South Carolina ripe for pick-up.

Seemingly exhausted during a series of satellite television interviews Monday, Kerry, during a break, turned to an aide and stated, "Edwards says he's the only one who can win states in the South. He can't win his own state."

If Senator Edwards wins South Carolina and stays in the race, candidate Kerry may find himself once again in a newly defined two-man battle.

Looking forward, the Kerry camp will continue running four ads in the Feb. 3 states, with one new ad featuring the endorsements of Senator Fritz Hollings and Rep. Jim Clyburn appearing through Tuesday, solely in South Carolina. Post-Feb. 3 ads should start almost immediately upon the conclusion of Tuesday's contests.

Preparing for the possibility of a two-front battle, the Senator spends election night in Seattle, Wash. (a.k.a. Dean country) before red-eyeing a charter to Boston for his first down day since New Year's Day. Senator Kerry's southern exposure post-Feb. 3 depends largely on Tuesday's outcome. Despite that fact, staffers continue to mobilize, eyeing mid-February and even Super Tuesday sites.

Dakota Patriots

FARGO, N.D., Feb. 1 — As the first half of Super Bowl XXXVIII drew to a close, Sen. Kerry turned back to the gathered crowd of Midwestern-turned-New Englanders and mouthed only two simple words: "Adam Vinatieri."

As the fourth quarter came near, the Patriots remained ahead yet still Kerry insisted, "This game will come down to Adam Vinatieri."

Indeed, with only eight seconds left on the clock, sitting in Playmaker's bar in Fargo, N.D., the Senator's prophecy about the South Dakota State University kicker became reality; Vinatieri stepped up, set, and, for the second time in three years, kicked the clutch field goal, again delivering a world championship to New England.

Kerry, tossing aside his barely touched Sam Adams bottleneck, jumped from his seat, raised both arms in the air and high-fived every native in sight.

The evening capped what could only be deemed a highly successful campaign day in the far flung part of "up north" country. Kerry arrived in North Dakota Saturday night but did not hold his only event of the day until noon on Sunday.

Considering only 2,000 North Dakota Democrats voted in the Gore v. Bradley 2000 race, Kerry's 1,200 crowd at the Fargo Air Museum was itself a success. Although the Senator arrived nearly a half hour late, the capacity crowd cheered his stump speech, appreciating the mere presence of the frontrunner in the three electoral vote, 14-delegate state.

The only artifact apparently not welcome at the Senator's Fargo rally was a replica of President George H.W. Bush's World War II Avenger. The vintage plane, dubbed the Barbara II, was moved out of the hanger where Kerry held his event, although five less political planes remained.

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