John Kerry on the Campaign Trail

In sporting news, the Senator learned, much to his dismay, that he will not attend the Patriots v. Carolina Superbowl in Houston, campaigning instead in New Mexico. Kerry will, however, get a chance for some exercise in near future, aiming to skate with the Detroit Red Wings shortly before Michigan's primary. On Wednesday, Senator Kerry arrived in St. Louis to a slew of endorsements, including that of the city's Mayor, Francis G. Slay, who led a security-heavy 11-vehicle, 2 fire engine motorcade to the day's one and only event at St. Louis Community College.


MANCHESTER, N.H., Jan 27—In just two weeks, Sen. John F. Kerry went from twenty-five points down to a double-digit win in New Hampshire's first in the nation primary; and the Masschusetts Senator even had time for an election day haircut.

The Senator's final primary day in the Granite State was relatively calm, marked only by a round robin of morning show appearances and a brief stint in the Kerry for President Headquarters phone bank. Growing restless, Kerry made his way to the intersection of Granite & Canal streets mid-afternoon for some old fashioned street politics.

Just before the polls closed at Ward Five's Beech Street School Community Center, Kerry planted himself in the narrow pathway leading to the voting location's doors. Without a single voter in sight, Kerry was asked what a win would mean for the looming seven-state battle on Feb. 3, to which the Senator replied, "I really don't know. Obviously, I hope a lot. Considering where my campaign was three weeks ago, a win here would be a huge turnaround and an incredible upset. Everybody had written us off three or four weeks ago."

Between pleas to nearly twenty potential supporters entering the Beech Street School over as many minutes, Kerry responded to another question regarding what it would take to be declared the frontrunner. Senator Kerry offered, "Just win. That'd be great. All I have to do is just win. That would be the biggest turnaround in American politics in a long time."

Returing to the Tage Inn in Manchester, Kerry was taking a shower when his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry delivered news of his victory. As elaborated upon in a cable news interview, Heinz Kerry said, "We nearly had a wet guy running around." Heinz Kerry went on to relate the experience to Iowa recalling that her husband first heard the official news of his upset caucus win while shaving. "It seems to be a bathroom event," the spunky heiress added.

The Senator insists he has no election day superstitions, though he did wear a medallion of St. Christopher which has been more often than not around his neck since Vietnam. Kerry did, however, keep the four-leaf clover given to him by a supporter in Iowa, carrying it with him through his second nomination win.

At first glance, Kerry's approach to Feb. 3 boils down to three-pronged attack: 1) bask in the free media bounce, 2) build awareness through visibility, and 3) ads, ads, ads. The Kerry campaign hopes momentum from New Hampshire will give their candidate an advantage, especially due to the campaign's pre-Iowa organizational deficiencies in Feb. 3 states. The hope is, whatever Kerry may have lost by focusing on Iowa and New Hampshire will be more than regained by virtue of winning Iowa and New Hampshire.

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