John Kerry on the Campaign Trail

The rare and potentially lucrative collectible pictures a lanky 18-year-old Kerry and band mates, each of whom list their residences. The Senator, whose father was in the Foreign Service, cites Oslo, Norway, as home.

On Friday night in Nashville, the stars shone bright in the swanky Hermitage Hotel. As the three-bus press corps descended, word of Kerry's arrival quickly spread.

Noting several "Kerry Press" bag tags, a woman turned to ask reporters, "Is Senator Kerry staying here?" Receiving an affirmative response she sighed with Elvis-spotting glee, "Wow! Cool."

Having taken the elevator with a long-haired, sunglasses-wearing and serious character, a colleague looked with surprise as the remaining passenger exclaimed, "That was Kid Rock. And Senator Kerry's here too!"

But traveling with a rock star — the Frontrunner, not Kid Rock — has many downsides for the sideshow crew.

As the Kerry press corps attempted to drag their luggage onto the elevators and up to their rooms, they ran smack dab into Hermitage security, holding both elevators, and preventing all plebian traffic.

Ah, Kid Rock must be heading to his Broadway Street show. Or, maybe a third, unknown dignitary to Note. Alas, it was Kerry, finishing a cell phone call, while 60 people alternatively gazed and glared in his direction.

The Senator spent the remainder of his weekend was spent in Virginia, mostly delivering pre-buttal and rebuttal to the man he hopes to soon call rival, President Bush.

Having presumptively thanked Michigan and Washington State for the "great message" being sent to Virginia and Tennessee hours before the polls closed in either state Saturday, Kerry tamed a speech which, as written, directly counter attacked "the Republican smear machine" on taxes, health care, education, jobs, homeland security, and national security.

In the prepared text, Kerry labeled the Bush administration "extreme" six times; in delivery, Kerry added another two for good measure.

On Sunday, Kerry picked up the endorsement of Virginia Gov. Mark Warner then hammered President Bush's morning show performance.

Kerry charged that Bush had changed his story on the reasons for going to war in Iraq, but many questions centered on the president's defense of his service in the National Guard during Vietnam.

Kerry contended, "The issue here, as I have heard it raised, is was he present and active on duty in Alabama at the Times he was supposed to be. I don't have the answer to that question and just because you get honorable discharge does not in fact answer that question."

Kerry starts the week in Tennessee then holds an election night party in Fairfax, Va. Looking toward the battles ahead, the Kerry campaign went up with a statewide ad Sunday in Wisconsin called "A Good American," featuring fellow swift boat mate Del Sandusky.

Coffin to Coffers

NEW YORK CITY, Feb. 5 — Senator John Kerry moved sluggishly into the 16-passenger Gulfstream II waiting on the "Million Air" tarmac in Teterboro, N.J.

Kerry, who mounted a comeback campaign by rallying against "special interests," was welcomed for landing at Teterboro despite having occasionally cited the corporate-friendly airstrip as a symbol of excess in his stump speech.

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