Secret Service Slip-Ups: How Safe Are Our Leaders?

Often, agents end up acting as surrogate parents -- to the frustration of both sides.

"The biggest challenge with the children, with teenagers and young adults, is that they want their privacy and you can't really give it to them," said Hackenson, the retired agent. "It puts you in an awkward position."

Hackenson was part of the Secret Service detail guarding President Carter's daughter, Amy, during a difficult period when there was a threat from Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

"She was in middle school and she wanted to have her fun," he said. "She loved going to her favorite ice cream place in Northwest [a section of Washington] after school and we had to stop going so that it didn't become a routine that could put her in danger. She was upset."

Sometimes, the first kids learn how to ditch their security detail. On her way to a World Wrestling Federation match in New York City, Barbara Bush once sped away from her agents when they got stuck counting coins at a toll booth.

President Ford's daughter, Susan, once ran out of the White House and sped away in her Mustang before anyone had time to react or to chase her down. At least that adventure did not have an unhappy ending.

And Susan Ford ended up marrying one of her father's agents, Charles Vance, in 1979.

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