Romney's Changing Views: Candid or Convenient?

2002: Endorsed embryonic stem cell research

2005: Vetoed stem cell research bill

Gun Control

1994: Supported assault weapons ban and Brady bill, rebuffed the NRA

2002: Supported assault weapons ban and Massachusetts' tough laws on gun control

2006: Joined NRA as a life member and said that states should ease licensing requirements; claimed he was a gun owner but later admitted that he's didn't in fact own a firearm

Minimum Wage

1994: Opposed increase as an "anti-business" position but told David Brinkley in October that he supported tying an increase to rate of inflation

2002: Supported increase in line with inflation

2006: Vetoed minimum wage increase

Gay Marriage

1994: Opposed federal marriage amendment, vowed to help establish "full equality for America's gays and lesbians"

2002: Provided legal protection to same-sex couples in Massachusetts

2007: Supported federal marriage amendment, worked to block same-sex couples from adopting

Gays in the Military

1994: Supported "don't ask, don't tell," saying it was a step toward "gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly in our nation's military"

2007: Didn't want to change "don't ask, don't tell" policy

Capital Gains Tax Cut

1994: Opposed capital gains tax cut

2002: Refused to sign "no new taxes" pledge

2007: Supported capital gains tax cut as part of his pledge to make President Bush's tax cuts permanent; signed "no new taxes" pledge

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