Nixon Tapes Reveal Anti-Semitic Remarks

Nixon: "As you probably know, I responded in a very decent way to him."

Kissinger: "I thought it was a great statement."

Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who lost to Nixon in '68, calls at 1:30am to congratulate him.

Nixon said he was asked privately by someone to compare the '72 race with '68. Nixon says in '68 both he and Humphrey put the country first.

But in the '72 race, Nixon said, "This time we had a problem where one fellow (McGovern) said any goddamn thing that came into his head."

Nixon is talking, of course, about Vietnam.

Nixon tells Humphrey, in very confidential tones, that for 3 days he has known that peace talks were "in his pocket," but he implies he did not want to reveal this because it would look like politics.

Humphrey said he talked to Kissinger a few days earlier, and Kissinger asked whether the Democrats could have gotten such a settlement, and Humphrey said no.

Nixon says he knows that Humphrey did not approve of some of McGovern's tactics.

Of course, peace was not at hand, and less than two months after the election, Nixon started bombing Hanoi for the first time.

Humphrey also wants to brag on his son's election to the Minnesota legislature. Nixon says that's fine, but he is more interested in whether Humphrey thinks Nixon will carry the only remaining close race, Minnesota, where the count is close.

Humphrey assures Nixon he will win handily.

They are very chummy with each other, but Nixon finally managed to get Humphrey off the phone.

More tapes and documents will be released from the Nixon library in mid-2008.

ABC News' Lisa Chinn contributed to this report.

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