How Did Viewers Vote on the GOP Debate?

Did you miss the Republican debate? Here's how readers voted on the hot button issues tackled during the GOP debate.

(Online ballots are not scientific and are for entertainment purposes only.)

Who do you think will win the Republican debate?

Ron Paul, Votes: 5,408
Mike Huckabee, Votes: 373
Mitt Romney, Votes: 370
No one. I'm voting Democratic, Votes: 274
Rudy Giuliani, Votes: 234
I'm waiting for Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich, Votes: 77
John McCain, Votes: 76
Duncan Hunter, Votes: 65
Tom Tancredo, Votes: 57
Tommy Thompson, Votes: 25
Sam Brownback, Votes: 12

Should U.S. troops be withdrawn from Iraq?

Yes. The U.S. should begin withdrawing troops from Iraq. Votes: 166
No. We need to let the troop surge strategy continue. Votes: 21
Maybe. I don't agree with the war in Iraq, but the U.S. needs to secure the country. Votes: 15

Does the U.S. health care system need to be fixed?

Yes. Most Americans do not receive adequate health care. Votes: 84
No. The current U.S. health care system works well for most people. Votes: 18
Maybe. The system works for those who have good insurance plans, but not for those who don't. Votes: 48

Should Congress pass a guest worker program for illegal immigrants?

Yes. Law-abiding immigrants who work in the U.S and pay taxes should have a guest-worker program. Votes: 37
No. People who entered this country illegally are criminals and should be sent back. Votes: 109
Maybe. Immigrants should be accounted for, but I'm not sure a guest-worker program is the best way. Votes: 32

Would you vote for a presidential candidate who does not share your position on abortion?

Yes. A candidate's position on abortion isn't that important to me. Votes: 61
No. I will base my vote largely on where the candidates stand on abortion. Votes: 30
Maybe. It depends on what the candidate's position on abortion is. Votes: 46

Should gay marriage be legal?

Yes. Gay couples should have the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples. Votes: 149
No. Marriage should be between a man and a woman. Votes: 100
Maybe. I disagree with gay marriage but monogamous gay couples deserve rights and benefits. Votes: 32

Who do you think won the Republican debate?

Sam Brownback Votes: 1,054
Rudy Giuliani Votes: 3,279
Mike Huckabee Votes: 2,74
Duncan Hunter Votes: 431
John McCain Votes: 753
Ron Paul Votes: 4,2618
Mitt Romney Votes: 4,644
Tom Tancredo Votes: 782
Tommy Thompson Votes: 763
Nobody won. I'm voting Democratic. Votes: 3,621
Nobody. I'm waiting for Fred Thompson or Newt Gingrich to enter the race. Votes: 3,008