Flynt Unveils More Vitter Claims

"This is not about the money with me," said Ellis. "This is about being honest. ... I don't want him to apologize to me, I want him to apologize to everybody he lied to. ... don't call me a liar."

Ellis said she feels sympathy for Vitter's wife, but that did not deter her campaign against the senator. "She deserves to know the truth," Ellis said of Vitter's wife Wendy. "She deserves to know that he is a liar."

The former prostitute will also appear in a pictorial in the January issue of Hustler.

"I'm going to take care of Wendy," responded Flynt to repeated questions about Ellis' compensation from Hustler. "We are working on a book deal."

Flynt warns that Washington officials should continue to fear a call from his office. His staff is still scouring the phone records of Deborah Jean Palfrey — the so-called D.C. Madam, with whom Vitter was initially linked — for more evidence against top government officials.

Flynt said he still has 3,000 phone numbers among Palfrey's records to check out.

"We've got a lot more coming," claimed Flynt. "There is one more gay senator or congressman, and he also votes against matters of self-interest all the time. ... I think he should go, he's at the top of the agenda now."

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