Ron Paul's Impressive Haul

Support From Soldiers

Another Paul constituency, interestingly enough, comes from the military. A study by the Center for Responsive Politics found Paul received more campaign cash from members of the military than any other Republican presidential candidate.

The study of contributions of $200 and more during the first two quarters shows that Paul has raised three times as much from members of the military as what's been raised by GOP fundraising front-runner Romney, and four times what Giuliani garnered.

But do not look for Paul to shoot to the top of Republican polls yet. His anti-war, small government message resonates with many, particularly on the Internet. But he has foundered in polls.

His stances on those same issues that have given him so much Web popularity could alienate him from the Republican primary voters that will select their party's candidate. Those voters often support the Iraq War.

Still, as Republicans look for a way to energize their base with a message of limited government, noted Republicans say Paul carries an important lesson.

To put Paul's numbers in perspective, they are nowhere near the $20 million-plus raised by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and $27 million raised by Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. And Giuliani and Romney may report having raised as much as $10 million apiece this quarter.

But for an insurgent candidate who was written off by many political pundits to be in the same fundraising ballpark as McCain shows the Paul campaign -- and perhaps even more so, some of its ideas -- to be a legitimate force in the GOP this year.

And today, Dr. No was happy so many Republicans were hearing his message and saying yes.

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