Luminaries Remember Tim Russert

Written statement: "Everyone at GE and at NBC Universal is devastated by the loss of our colleague and friend Tim Russert. Tim was a giant in journalism and a face and a voice that America trusted. He earned that trust through hard work, love of his profession and, above all, through his enduring honesty and integrity. And most importantly, Tim was a wonderful human being who valued family and friends over all. We will miss him greatly. My sincerest sympathies go out to Tim's family and to the many people whose lives he touched."

David Westin, president, ABC News

Written statement: "Tim Russert was a great newsman who helped set the standard for political reporting and public affairs programming. His fine work made all of us better and benefited the Nation as a result. Tim was also a great friend to so many of us. But above all, Tim was a man devoted to his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and everyone at NBC News at this devastating time."

George Stephanopoulos, host, ABC News' "This Week With George Stephanopoulos"

Written statement: "Tim loved everything about politics and journalism -- because he believed in it. Every day he brought Washington home to his viewers and made all of us better. My thoughts and prayers are with his family -- especially Maureen, Luke and his father Russ."

Bob Schieffer, host, CBS News' 'Face the Nation'

"Tim was the best of our profession. He asked the best questions and then he listened for the answer. We became very close friends over the years. He delighted in scooping me, and I felt the same way when I scooped him. When you slipped one past ol' Russert, you felt as though you had hit a home run off the best pitcher in the league. I just loved Tim and I will miss him more than I can say, and my heart goes out to his son, Luke, and his wife, Maureen."

Andrea Mitchell, NBC News Washington bureau

On-air report: "The shock waves cannot be fully expressed. Tim was our friend, our leader, our cheerleader, our teacher, my mentor. Tim came to this bureau in 1988, 20 years ago, as the bureau chief. Even before that, he, of course, was a vice president of NBC News and was in charge of the 'Today' program and a great contributor to shaping political coverage. He was a guide to all things political."

Charles Gibson, anchor, ABC News' 'World News Tonight'

Oral statement: "Everyone in this business feels great regret at his passing. He was a fine man."

Written statement: "Tim projected vitality -- always excited about the stories he covered and intrigued by the people he interviewed. That's what made him so good, and his passing so hard to absorb. His competitors -- just like his co-workers -- held Tim in the highest of regard."

Diane Sawyer, co-anchor, ABC News' 'Good Morning America'

Written statement: "No one could see Tim in a room and not smile.

"He brought so much joy and curiosity and sheer vitality to all our lives.

"As a journalist, he would set out like a great explorer. You couldn't wait to see what he discovered every day in the new world.

"He was a defining American newsman. Love of country, love of family poured through him -- onto the screen, into the work, into stories at dinner, into the little chuckle that reminded us -- aren't we lucky to be here in this big life."

Barbara Walters, ABC News

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