Changes in suburbia make Colorado a new bellwether

Biden warns against overconfidence, telling supporters to take advantage of early voting to avoid unexpected problems on Tuesday. "I want to remind you: Polls and endorsements don't determine the outcome of elections," he thunders. "Voters determine the outcome of elections."

The next morning, the political debate is raging at Cariño Coffee.

Ed Brown, the undecided voter, says he's drawn to Obama but is also "extremely concerned about 'the trifecta' — Democrats controlling the Senate, Democrats controlling the Congress, Democrats controlling the presidency." He calls it "the Nancy Pelosi effect." (A few days later, he fills out his mail-in ballot for McCain.)

On the other hand, Daniel "Mack" McGuire, 50, a Republican, plans to vote for Obama.

"Republicans have let me down," says McGuire, who runs a website called that offers small businesses local advertising. "I'm a fiscal conservative and they act like they're tax-and-spend Democrats."

He hopes Obama can "break the juvenile tactics between Republicans and Democrats" in Washington.

"It's the same stalemate we've been in for the last eight years," he says. "Obama has the potential, I hope, of getting something done."

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