Iraq Shoe-Thrower Sentence and Other Public Figures Punked, Egged and Handcuffed

Muntadher Al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at then-President George W. Bush in December, was sentenced in Baghdad today to three years in prison for assaulting a foreign leader.

After hearing his sentence in a Baghdad courtroom, Muntazer al-Zaidi shouted, "Long live Iraq," The Associated Press reported.

His family and attorneys argued the sentence was excessively harsh.

"The whole case was politicized," Zaidi's brother Dhirgham, who attended the sentencing, told ABC News. It was "an unjust verdict."

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politicians punked

Abdul Sattar Al Berqdar, a spokesman for the Iraqi Criminal Court, told ABC News that Zaidi was sentenced to three years in jail according to article No. 23 of the Iraqi Judicial Law, "Attacking a visiting foreign president."

Berqdar also added that "Zaidi has the right to appeal within a period of one month."

Like Bush's experience in Iraq, people in the public eye often have legions of fans, but they also risk a negative backlash. In light of the Baghdad court's decision, ABC News takes a look at public figures who have been punked and ridiculed on the world stage.

Bush Dodges Flying Shoes

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politicians punked

The Iraqi shoe-thrower case began in February, but was adjourned until March, based on technicalities.

Muntadher Al-Zaidi was on trial for hurling two shoes at the now former president last December during Bush's surprise farewell visit to Iraq. The president reacted without pause, ducking quickly to avoid being hit in the face.

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"This is a farewell kiss, dog ... This is the end!" yelled the local reporter during a joint press conference in Iraq with Bush and Prime Minister Nouri-al Maliki.

After the fact, Bush brushed the incident off with humor, saying, "That was a size 10 shoe he threw at me, you may want to know. "

Shoe-Throwing a New Trend?

Just weeks after the former president's shoe-throwing incident in Iraq, Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao was the target of a similar offense during a visit to Britain geared toward improving trade between Britain and China. Jiabao was giving a speech at Cambridge University when Martin Jahnke, a member of the audience, chucked a shoe at the prime minister, missing him by a couple dozen feet or more.

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politicians punked

The prime minister later asked Cambridge University authorities to pardon the protester, quoting a Chinese saying, "It is more precious than gold for a young man to turn around and make up for his mistakes." Jahnke is set to face a trial on June 2.

British Lawmaker Gets Slimed

British Business Secretary Peter Mandelson was forced to go green last week during a run-in with an environmental activist. The environmentalist threw green liquid at the British government official as he arrived for a conference focused on reducing carbon emissions.

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"I don't quite know what point she was making because she was so busy throwing what seemed like green soup or something in my face, that she failed to tell me what the protest was about," said Mandelson. "But, as you can see, thankfully it wasn't paint and I've come through it intact."

The protester, who claimed to be motivated by Mandelson's support for a plan to build a new runway at Heathrow Airport, was arrested and later released on bail.

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Rove Escapes Handcuffs

Former Bush advisor Karl Rove was confronted by a protester Oct. 21, 2008, during a speech at a mortgage bankers meeting in San Francisco, Calif. Fifty-eight-year-old Code Pink member Janine Boneparth attempted to handcuff Rove while he was on stage.

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politicians punked

"I have to do a ... citizen's arrest, a citizen's arrest for treason," Boneparth said as she was restrained and Rove elbowed her away. Boneparth was escorted out of the event and arrested along with four other protesters.

Flying Eggs: Microsoft CEO Ducks for Cover

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was forced to take cover behind a desk during a lecture in Budapest, Hungary, last May. Ballmer was giving a speech to students at the Corvinus University when a man wearing a shirt that read, "Microsoft = corruption," began to throw eggs at the CEO. The man was reportedly protesting a deal between Microsoft and the Hungarian government. Once the coast was clear, Ballmer joked with the students that "It was a friendly disruption."

Protest Turns Into Attack

A Chinese envoy was assaulted and pushed to the ground in southern Taiwan Oct. 21, 2008, when pro-independence protesters caused an uproar. Dozens descended upon Vice Chairman Zhang Mingqing of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, shouting anti-communist rhetoric. "Taiwan does not belong to China," protesters yelled.

After the vice chairman was hurried to safety, he decided to suspend his trip and return to China the following day.

Coulter Dodges Custard Pies

During a 2004 speech at the University of Arizona, Ann Coulter became the victim of a pie-throwing. Invited to give a lecture by the University of Arizona's College Republican group, the conservative author and commentator was forced to duck and run when two men thundered across the stage and hurled two custard pies at her. Speaking before approximately 2,500 people, Coulter gasped and ran temporarily off stage. According to the police report, the young men involved in the incident said they were throwing the pies at Coulter's "ideas, not at her."

Anita Bryant Gets Pied and Prays

Coulter wasn't the first lady on the national stage to be "pied" and humiliated on camera. Singer and activist Anita Bryant sparked a controversial debate over her crusade against gay rights in the late 1970s and was an influential player in building the religious right movement. During a 1977 press conference in Des Moines, Iowa, the gay rights opponent took a cream pie head-on from a critic in the audience.

"Well, at least it's a fruit pie," Bryant said with a strained laugh.

Bryant and her supporters then began to pray for the man who threw the pie. ABC News' Mazin Faiz contributed to this report.