Denials of Violence by Syria's Assad Draws Rebukes

AMANPOUR: "Is Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, in charge?"

KING ABDULLAH: "I've talked to him on several occasions to see what Jordan can do to bring stability and, obviously, calm to -- to Syria. And from my discussions with him and from what I hear, he is in charge, yes. And he is calling the shots."

AMANPOUR: "So you think all that we're seeing on the streets right now is happening under his direction?"

KING ABDULLAH: "Well, as I said, I believe that he is in charge…"

And in an interview on "This Week" in August, U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford condemned the Syrian military crackdown against the civilian uprising in the city of Hama, calling the violence there "grotesque" and "abhorrent."

"What the government is doing now is, it's literally going house to house and it's rounding up people," Ford said. "There is no due process. There's a lot of violence. There's shooting… It's frightful. It's abominable."

Ambassador Ford returned to Syria today, a month after he was recalled from the country over concerns for his safety.

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