Transcript: 10 Freshmen Lawmakers Talk With Diane Sawyer


PAUL GOSAR: I-- I think-- I think that-- particularly our calendar, and the way that we've gone to the-- to a four-day workweek, and that we spend a time, like a week back home, dialoguing with people. This is about the American people. We've said it over and over. It's empowering the American people. Because-- freedoms aren't free. They come with a price. And that's being involved in the decision making of this country. And we just have to retool this all the way around. And I think that the-- the time spent at time, over a longer period of time, instead of a quick weekend here, spending more time, makes a valuable asset.

MICHAEL GRIMM: But it's also changing the stigma, and for good reason, what the establishment is. If we can change the culture, we should be proud to be a part of the establishment, because the establishment should be doing the prudent, and wise, and proper things. We should be acting responsibly as an establishment, as Congress as a whole. And-- and that's really I think one of the biggest challenges that we face, is changing the entire culture, and-- and getting away from-- personal agendas, and-- and political agendas, and doing the will of the people. And if we can do that, then it won't be such a bad thing to say I'm part of an establishment. An establishment that I'm proud of, and helped shape, and helped to rebuild.

FRANK GUINTA: Well, and setting the tone that the most important work you're doing is when you're back home, listening to your constituents, and then bringing what their positions are to Washington to reflect their views-- I think would be a welcomed change certainly in New Hampshire, and-- and a welcomed change in the country.

DIANE SAWYER: So, can I do just one more one-word thing. Give me one word for what you think of the media.

FRANK GUINTA: Hopefully honest. How come you're laughing.


MALE VOICE: You said--

DIANE SAWYER: No, I was so sure someone was gonna-- was gonna say something provocative.

FRANK GUINTA: Well, it's where we just started. (LAUGHTER)

DIANE SAWYER: Go for it. A word?

TIM HUELSKAMP: Well, I'm-- I'm excited, there's an alternative media out there. And-- and that's what I want to see in Congress, is more transparency, and more openness. So you don't have to go through a filter of the media. And I-- I think that's where you'll see real changes.

DIANE SAWYER: Anybody else got one word?

MIKE LEE: Liberal.




MALE VOICE: Powerful.

MIKE LEE: It's expanding. The word media is plural. It was always intended to be plural, and it's becoming more plural. Never has it been so easy for so few people with so little money to communicate to so many so quickly. And that's changing America.

RAND PAUL: The Internet. The Internet has made y'all better I think because you now have to compete with hundreds of sources, and you see that there are other sides. And you see the success of some of the right wing-- opinions that are coming out when maybe the mainstream media might have been more to the leftwing. Now I think you're showing some-- I mean, even most-- most of the main networks now, you see both sides presented, but that's because of the Internet. Because there's an alternative out there.

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