Transcript: Mitt and Ann Romney's Interview With Diane Sawyer


But I've also had very serious challenges in my life. And for me you can't go through life without being scarred and we're all scarred. And I have been given that in my life and for me, I-- I take it as a place where I can understand people that are suffering, understand people that are going through difficulties. You don't have to go through everyone's specific difficulty to understand that people are having trouble. And I-- and I have a different perspective on that from the struggles I've gone through.

DIANE SAWYER: As we move away from this primary campaign into the next phase-- again, on Yahoo, we got two questions most often, first about Seamus-- which as you know is out there forever-- would you do it again?

MITT ROMNEY: Certainly not with the attention it's received.

DIANE SAWYER: You said it was the most wounding thing in the campaign--

ANN ROMNEY: It's crazy.

DIANE SAWYER:--so far.

ANN ROMNEY: The dog loved it. The dog was, like--

DIANE SAWYER: But the dog got sick, right?

ANN ROMNEY: Once, he-- we traveled all the time and he-- he ate the turkey on the counter. I mean, he had the runs. But-- he would see that crate and, you know, he would, like, go crazy because he was going with us on vacation. It was to me a kinder thing to bring him along than to leave him in the kennel for t-- in-- in-- in a kennel for two weeks, so.

DIANE SAWYER: But the other thing that we got online is more serious-- which is-- seriously intended. And I noticed that even a supporter of yours in Ohio said, "Will you talk more about being Mormon? Will you talk more about the fundamental role that that plays in your life and what it means to you to help everybody else learn more about it?" Is there more you want to tell people about it and why and how it's been central to you?

MITT ROMNEY: Well, I'm not running for pastor-in-chief. I'm running for commander in chief. But as people want to know more about my personal life and my faith and the fact that I served as a missionary for my church which is--

DIANE SAWYER: And a bishop.

MITT ROMNEY: --expected-- is expected for-- young men in my church and many of the young women, as well-- served as the pastor of my congregation for a number of years. I'm happy to talk about those experiences and do. And-- and so I'm-- if you'd like to ask-- ask questions about those things I'm happy to respond to them. And you know, in long--

DIANE SAWYER: Would you sit down sometime--

MITT ROMNEY: --in longer interviews.

DIANE SAWYER: --and really talk, the two of you, about something that-- holds a lot of-- of curiosity for people?

ANN ROMNEY: You know, I think for me the perspective that people need to understand is when Mitt was serving as bishop it was a very busy time in our life where we had all these young children, Mitt had a very demanding job. And for me it meant that I actually had more responsibilities in the home and I was doing more, but I never, ever regretted a minute that he spent. Because what he was doing most often was counseling people and helping people.

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