Is True the Vote Intimidating Minority Voters From Going to the Polls?

True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht's full statement to ABC News:

"The remarks you refer to were taken out of context and are presented during the course of a longer conversation about the use of our publicly-available research. True the Vote's research template was designed to identify potential inaccuracies in the voter rolls and support challenges or concerns by citizens so they may directly participate in the citizen challenge process. This important legal process was designed to protect voters from fraud and abuse, and relies on citizens to ensure the integrity of our voter rolls. Given the enormous value of this work, we, as an organization, take reasonable steps to help prevent the misuse of our data that supports the noble efforts of well-intended citizens who stand in the gap so every American vote is counted.

We recognize that maintaining voter rolls can be a highly charged issue, full of fodder for false claims of impropriety -- and we want no part of it. The data, and our volunteers' work with it, should be treated with utmost integrity; at no time being used for partisan or personal purposes."

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