'This Week' Transcript: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

But serious questions about the governor's role in all this remain. Tom Corbett was attorney general in 2009, and used the slower grand jury process to investigate Sandusky, which left him on the street for two years while the case was being built, criticism that had the governor lashing out at reporters this week.

GOV. TOM CORBETT, PENNSYLVANIA: Do you want to continue to argue or do you want to ask a question?

AVILA: And there are plenty of those too. Why did the governor approve a huge state grant to the Second Mile while knowing the charity was under investigation? And will that charity now close this week losing donors and parental support?

For This Week, I'm Jim Avila, ABC News. State College, Pennsylvania.


AMANPOUR: Appalling story. And we will keep looking into it.

And up next, a looming presidential pardon tops agenda for next week in politics. We'll explain coming up.


AMANPOUR: It's been more than a week since the last presidential debate, but there is much more of that kind of fun coming up. Here's a look at what's in store next week in politics.

New Hampshire is ground zero in the campaign early next week. Newt Gingrich travels there Monday to roll out his plan for entitlement reform, and Tuesday the Obama jobs tour hits Manchester. That night, we'll be on gaffe patrol as the Republican candidates hold yet another debate on foreign policy. Wednesday, of course, is D-Day for the supercommittee. Miss that deadline and heads will roll. But not for one lucky turkey, who gets an official presidential pardon later that afternoon.

And now for a little something to tide you over until Thanksgiving. The Sunday funnies.


JIMMY FALLON, TALK SHOW HOST: There was another Republican debate on Saturday. And listen to this, Ron Paul only got 89 seconds to speak. Seriously, Rick Perry gets more time than that to try to remember something.

DAVID LETTERMAN, TALK SHOW HOST: Here's now is what happened to Herman Cain's brain. Watch.


SETH MEYERS, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Here to comment on how his campaign is going, Governor Jon Huntsman.

Isn't it true that nationally you're currently polling in the low single digits?

FORMER GOV. JON HUNTSMAN, R-UTAH: It is true, Seth. But only a few months ago, I was polling at margin of error. So to have any digit at all is a pretty big deal.


AMANPOUR: We'll be right back.




AMANPOUR: That's our program this week. Remember, you can follow us any time on Twitter, Facebook and abcnews.com. Be sure to watch "World News with David Muir" tonight for all the latest headlines. For all of us here, thank you for watching. Happy Thanksgiving, and we'll see you next week.


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