'This Week' Transcript: Gov. Bob McDonnell and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

And with respect to the plank, I think Governor Crist said it very well, and that is that it is what it is. And maybe it's been there for 30 years. But it's time to take it out. The idea that we put in our U.S. Constitution an amendment that says that women can't get an abortion even in the case of incest and rape is way beyond the mainstream. The fact that they--

STEPHANOPOULOS: You heard him say it's not what it does, according to him.

VILLARAIGOSA: Well, that's what they say. You put it up there, not me. And the fact.


VILLARAIGOSA: Well, look, it's not just Mr. Akin's remarks, it's the Republican Party, whose platform, who through all the primary season focused on these kinds of issues, on the issue of contraception, which I thought had been dealt with 50 years ago. Across the board, and Governor Crist talked about Latinos as well and immigration. Whether it's the self-deportation of 11 million people -- no country has ever done that, George. Calling the DREAM Act a handout, walking around with Kris Kobach and calling the Arizona and Alabama laws a model for the nation. These are things that are just way beyond where most voters are at.

And in fact, when the governor said that the -- Mr. Romney's leading with independent voters, that's just not true.


STEPHANOPOULOS: As you know, Mayor, the Republicans are carrying one big advantage into this convention. Americans are unhappy right now with President Obama's stewardship of the economy, and Mitt Romney does have an advantage there. And his allies are trying to capitalize with this new ad.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The economy, in my opinion, is still the same as it was four years ago.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Obama said that he was going to help the middle class, and that's where I am. I'm middle class. And instead, it has hurt me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I had not seen the hope and change that I believed in, in 2008.


STEPHANOPOULOS: And then we learned this week that the median family income dropped more than $4,000 since 2009. Even if that's not all President Obama's fault, as I know you're going to argue, isn't it a huge political problem for the president?

VILLARAIGOSA: Look, the economy is a challenge for all of us, and the president is trying to address the economy by reducing the deficit by $4 trillion with his Job Act that would create a million jobs, keeping teaches and firefighters and police officers on the job. Efforts to reduce, reward, rather, small businesses who are hiring.

He's put these proposals across the aisle and asked Republicans to support them, and at every turn they rejected it.

They want to make the economy the issue, and it will be an issue in this campaign, but we're going to make the future the issue as well.

We can't just look at today. We've got to look at the policies that will make sure that we're making the right investments going into the future. That means we have got to cut the deficit, but we also got to investigate in education. We have got to trim Medicare and the like, and entitlements, but we got to do that in a way that's responsible. We've got to cut, close tax loopholes, and cut tax -- raise taxes on the superrich.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And Governor McDonnell, you heard what President Obama has had to say about Mitt Romney's plan. He's calling it the Romney/Ryan plan and saying it's going to raise taxes on the middle class, harm the middle class?

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