'This Week' Transcript: Sen. John McCain and Sen. Robert Menendez

MCCAIN: Not really. We had a very -- I think a good conversation. We've been friends for -- for many years. So we'll see what happens in the hearings here.

RADDATZ: Big news this week on lifting the ban for women in combat.

MCCAIN: Uh-huh.

RADDATZ: Supporter of that or are you a little worried about the...

MCCAIN: Support. No, no, I support it. I think women are -- obviously are prepared to serve side by side with men in combat. I just want to emphasize, though, there should be the same physical and mental standards for anyone to perform certain roles and functions in the military.

RADDATZ: And they say there will be. How about Selective Service? Women?

MCCAIN: I was just going to say, I think we ought to grapple with that one. Maybe -- maybe we'll draft you first, Martha.


RADDATZ: OK. I'll volunteer before that.


RADDATZ: Thank you so much for joining us, Senator McCain.

And we turn now to New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, who presided over the hearings for Secretary of State nominee John Kerry and, should Kerry be confirmed, is set to become chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Welcome, Senator Menendez.

MENENDEZ: Thank you, Martha. Good to be here.

RADDATZ: Thank you for joining us. What's your reaction to what John McCain just said? I mean, obviously you've been working together on this, so you know some of how he feels about this.

MENENDEZ: With what...

RADDATZ: In terms of immigration.

MENENDEZ: Immigration, well...

RADDATZ: I don't think you've been working together on some of that other stuff so much.


MENENDEZ: Well, I think John said it well. I am cautiously optimistic -- and as someone who has spent years between the House and the Senate trying to get comprehensive immigration reform, I'm cautiously optimistic. I see the right spirit. I see things that were once off the table for agreement and discussion being on the table with a serious pathway forward.

Of course, it will have the enhancement of the border security. We've done already a lot with more customs agents. We have more Border Patrol. We have more physical impediment than any time in history. But using greater technology, focusing our resources in a better way is something that we'll achieve, looking at making sure employers don't hire individuals who are undocumented, thinking about future flows and how we take care of the American economy by that, but also, very clearly, having a pathway to earned legalization is an essential element. And I think that we are largely moving in that direction as an agreement.

RADDATZ: What do you want? Senator McCain said it's helpful that President Obama is out on the road. What do you want to hear from him? How committed is he to getting this done? He also wants gun control.

MENENDEZ: Well, I was at the White House on Friday with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus leadership. And the president made it very clear in that discussion that this was a top legislative priority for him in this session of the Congress and that he expects to work with all of us in an effort to achieve the goal, and he's fully committed to it, and I think that's why this week he starts the clock by the speech he's going to make out in Las Vegas.

RADDATZ: And that pathway to citizenship, does that have to be in there?

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