'This Week' Transcript: Senators Charles Schumer and Jon Kyl

All I know is that Democrats in the House are very determined to avoid going over the fiscal cliff, but we want to make sure that any agreement asks folks at the very high income levels to pay a little bit more to reduce our deficit, because if you don't ask them to pay a little bit more, everybody else gets hit that much harder.

LABRADOR: You know, it's kind of funny to sit here and listen to Chris and say -- saying that it's the Republicans in the House who are the problem. If you look at the budget that Chris proposed two years ago, which was the alternative to the Paul Ryan budget, it only asked for tax increases from people making over $1 million. There were only about 50 of us in the House who said that we were not going to vote for John Boehner's deal last week.

All they needed was 50 Democrats to vote for the deal, and it would have passed last week, but, no, he spent the entire day, the entire day of the deal on the House floor attacking everything that John Boehner was going to do. When John Boehner actually tried to meet them halfway and now he comes here on national TV and he says that -- that -- that it's the Republicans in the House...


VAN HOLLEN: First of all, Raul, you've got to get your facts right. The budget that we brought -- and we did have an alternative budget that got an overwhelming Democratic vote -- did not say we're only going to raise taxes on people over $1 million. It actually supported the president's proposal. So you got to check your facts. What we're asking for in the House is the same thing that the Republicans got in the Senate, an up-or-down vote on their proposal.

KARL: Which would be raising taxes on those making over $250,000 a year.

VAN HOLLEN: That's right. But, Jon, what we're saying is, you don't have to -- you don't have to agree with us. Just allow a vote in the House. The Republicans got a vote in the Senate on their proposal.

KARL: But let me ask you, though, because Nancy Pelosi, your leader in the -- in the House, had proposed the million-dollar threshold.

LABRADOR: Exactly.

KARL: Let's take a look at exactly what she said. Don't want to put words in anybody's mouth here. This is Nancy Pelosi from March of this year -- I'm sorry. From March of this year. Go ahead.


PELOSI: I said, let's begin by getting rid of tax cuts for people making over $1 million a year. I'm not even saying $250,000.

(UNKNOWN): I know.

PELOSI: And the president is saying $250,000. I'm saying $1 million and above. Who can argue with that?


KARL: So who can argue with that?

VAN HOLLEN: Well, the question was whether...

LABRADOR: Only the Democrats.

VAN HOLLEN: The issue is, who could argue with over $1 million? And obviously, in the House, the Republicans didn't even agree with their own speaker on $1 million.

Look, the president, as we all know, as part of a larger agreement, has said $400,000 should be the threshold as part of a larger agreement. The issue is the balance between the cuts and the revenue, and what we've called for is balance. Republicans in the House have refused even one penny so far from people earning more than $1 million.

KARL: Which is -- which is -- which is your position...

VAN HOLLEN: That is not balanced.

KARL: So let me ask you. As I recall, when Boehner proposed this, $1 million and above, your answer was not just no, it was hell no.

LABRADOR: Absolutely.

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