'This Week' Transcript: Stephanie Cutter and Newt Gingrich

While a lot of the folks here are accustomed to hurricanes and storms of this velocity, what they have not seen is this cold combined with it. It is absolutely cold out there. And hour after hour, Sam and George, it has been getting colder out here. The weather is intensifying. And it's just going to get worse. This is just a sliver of what the folks up north are going to see.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Sam and Matt, thanks very much. This storm is a monster.

Now the race for the White House. We have brand-new numbers from our ABC-Washington Post tracking poll. As you can see, this race remains a dead heat, with Romney holding on to the tiniest of leads of one point over Obama among likely voters.

And we have two new polls out this morning from those all-important battlegrounds. First, Virginia, where the Washington Post shows President Obama clinging to a four-point lead. That's down from eight points in mid-September. And in what may be the most consequential states of all, Ohio, more signs of momentum for Mitt Romney. The latest poll from a consortium of Ohio newspapers shows the race all tied up, 49 percent to 49 percent.

And with that, let's hear from the campaigns, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich for Governor Romney, deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter for President Obama.

And, Stephanie, let me begin with you and that poll out of Ohio. It shows Governor Romney coming on very strong in that state that matters so much. It looks like a real threat to your firewall.

CUTTER: Well, George, you know, that's one poll. There have been several polls out this week, one including that showed us up 5 in Ohio. We feel pretty good about where we are on the ground there. In many cases, we're beating Mitt Romney 3 to 1 in the early vote. Our people are turning out, and they're turning out in very high numbers. We feel good about Ohio. We think we're going to win it.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And let's dig into that ABC News-Washington Post poll, as well, Stephanie. It shows Governor Romney really making headway on the economy and who offers a clear plan on the economy. Back in July, President Obama had a 16-point lead on that measure. Today it's tied. We know that President Obama is focused on that, and now you're distributing plans all across the country, but did you wait too long?

CUTTER: Absolutely not. I mean, you know, it's interesting that you're pointing out your national tracker poll, but in the Virginia poll you just cited, we are beating Mitt Romney when it comes to who do you trust to get the economy going, who do you trust for the next four years.

In terms of the president's plans, we're happy to talk about them. The president laid them out at the convention. We ran a two-minute ad on it. We've been campaigning across the country on this plan. You know, whether it's putting the best-trained workers in place all over this country, 100,000 math and science teachers, bringing jobs back to this country, rather than sending them overseas, or doing some nation-building here at home. We're ending two wars, using that savings to do some nation-building here at home, these are big plans. And the president laid them out at the convention, and it's what, you know, a second term of an Obama presidency would mean.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So how do you...

CUTTER: It does stand in sharp contrast to Mitt Romney's plans, which essentially just boils down to a $5 trillion tax cut he can't pay for.

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