'The Staircase': Money, Sex and Secrets

Shortly after the trial, Peterson continued to maintain his innocence, but he also told "Primetime" that he was not interested in an appeal.

"I didn't do anything. I'm innocent. I did not believe until the jury clerk read the sentence that I would be convicted," Peterson said.

"My immediate reaction was let's end it, and I told David that I didn't want an appeal. I wanted to just end it right now, forget it, enough was enough," he said, referring to his lawyer, David Rudolf.

But an appeal was filed in 2004, based on the defense's belief that Peterson was denied a fair trial. His defense claimed that the e-mails and testimony about Peterson's bisexuality, as well as evidence about the death of Elizabeth Ratliff years earlier, were irrelevant and prejudicial. But the prosecution contended that two women dead at the bottom of the stairs was no coincidence. Lightning, they said, does not strike twice.

The appeals court decision is expected any day. And as for Kathleen's daughter, she has successfully sued her stepfather for her mother's wrongful death. The damages portion of the trial has been postponed following Peterson's filing for bankruptcy.

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