Controversial Father Joe Jackson Speaks Out on the Making of Superstar Son

"I put a lot into my son, which -- I sort of like stayed in the background when it comes to this news thing, but I put an awful lot of work into Michael. Gettin' -- matter of fact, gettin' the whole family developed for show business," he said.

For Jackson, show business has been a lifelong mind-set, as he has continually worked to execute his next vision for Michael.

"I was very demanding, but I got things done," he said, on making Michael the superstar he became.

Despite his pride for Michael's accomplishments, Joe Jackson is also the man who Michael fired as his manager, the man who Michael said he feared to the point of fainting, and the man who outraged fans by hawking his record label 72 hours after his son's death.

"They don't know me. They don't understand me. And I don't care about that," Jackson said. "I do what's right. And I love my family. My son. And that's about it. I try to perfect everything I do."

Michael outlined the personal cost of perfection, in his last interview, only a year before his death, saying that he sacrificed a normal childhood for a life on the stage -- a contention, which his father has always disputed.

"There was a lot of times I've been hearin' on the news that Michael say he didn't have a -- a childhood. He had his brothers. He had all his sisters to perform with. You know, to play and have a good time with," Jackson said. "The only thing, can't deny -- didn't let them do -- run the streets late at night, 'cause we knew where our kids was."

Michael has opened up about the tumultuous relationship with his father -- a relationship laden with accusations of brutal beatings and incessant ridicule. In a 2003 documentary called "Living With Michael Jackson," Michael told ABC's Martin Bashir that he was "terrified" by his father and that his intimidating presence would cause him to vomit and faint.

Joe Jackson denies any allegations of beating, but admits to spanking as a form of physical discipline.

"Michael was never beat as they call it. And -- everyone spanked their kids when they did wrong, but not beat," Jackson told ABC News. "Katherine spanked Michael more than I did, 'cause I was workin' two jobs and she was at home with him the most."

Jackson said he doesn't regret any part of Michael's upbringing: "We brought him up the right way."

A Father-Son Relationship Deteriorates

In Michael's last months of life, Joe Jackson says his ability to gain access to his son was limited -- hampered by the star's inner circle and security personnel.

"My relationship with him was very good. But his relationship was kind of different because he was more particular about his security guard and that sort of a thing. But I tried my best to -- to -- be close to him."

Though Joe Jackson denies any sources of conflict, Marc Schaffel, a long-time adviser to Michael Jackson, asserts that Michael would often try to avoid his father.

"Most of the time when Joe would show up unannounced, the flat-out instruction from Michael was, 'I don't wanna see him. ..." It would just be, 'I can't see him now,'" Schaffel said. "There were many occasions where Joe would show up unannounced -- either trying to push Michael into some kind of cockamamie deal or some kinda money situation. And Michael didn't wanna do it."

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