POLL: American Sex Survey

A third of adults would like to have more sex than they do now -- but more men, about four in 10, than women, 28 percent. Men, as noted, are more apt to have cheated, much more apt to fantasize about it, and more than twice as likely as women to say it's acceptable to have casual sex without an emotional relationship -- "just doing it for the sex." (That's OK with 35 percent of men, compared with 15 percent of women.)

Women also are about half as likely as men to say they've had sex in a threesome, unexpectedly with someone new, or at work; and they're less likely to fantasize about these. A third of men have fantasized about a threesome and 20 percent have fantasized about an unexpected encounter; it's nine and 10 percent of women, respectively.

Women are more conservative about sex in other ways. They're more apt than men to say there's too much sex on TV, 84 percent to 62 percent. They're less likely than men to condone sex before marriage, 54 to 68 percent. And 61 percent of sexually active women, compared with 50 percent of men, call themselves sexually traditional, not adventurous.

In other personal predilections, men are twice as likely as women to sleep in the nude (31 percent of men, 14 percent of women), and women are much more likely to prefer to have sex with the lights off (51 percent of women, 27 percent of men).

In the online realm, men are more than three times as likely as women to have looked at a sexually explicit Web site, and doing so spikes among men under 30. Relatively few -- but 11 percent of young men -- have participated in sex chat rooms. Women are much more likely to regard either of these activities as "being unfaithful."

Sex and the Web
  Men < 30 Men Women
Have visited sex Web site 52 % 34 10
Have participated in sex chat room 11 5 2
Think visiting sex Web site is cheating   25 42
Think participating in sex chat room is cheating   54 72

The 'O' Word

Three-quarters of sexually active men say they "always" have an orgasm, while just 30 percent of women say the same. An additional 45 percent of women say they have an orgasm "most of the time," but not always.

The Big 'O': Men vs Women
 Men Women
Always have orgasms74% 30
Usually23 45
Less often3 24

As noted, nearly half of women report having faked an orgasm, but they aren't the only thespians: Eleven percent of men say they've done so too. Asked why they faked it, men and women alike speak mainly about either pleasing their partner or getting done.

Faking orgasms suggests dissatisfaction for some women; it's higher among women who've cheated on a spouse, are dissatisfied with their sex lives and are less than very satisfied with their marriages. But for others that doesn't necessarily hold: Sexually adventurous women are among the most likely always to have orgasms, yet also among the most likely to have faked them.

Women who are more likely always to have an orgasm are more apt to enjoy sex a great deal, think about it often, be satisfied with their sex lives and say their sex lives are very exciting. Always having an orgasm is least common among women age 40 and older, longtime marrieds, those who are less than very satisfied with their sex lives and with their marriage, and those who don't enjoy sex a great deal.

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