Exclusive Interview with Iranian Adviser

Rohani: One hundred percent.

Wallace: Is Iran trying to develop chemical weapons?

Rohani: If you want to question me step by step, I'll answer you step by step. When we have signed international treaties, it means we are not pursuing making nuclear weapons. We are not pursuing making chemical weapons. We are not pursuing making biological weapons. Iran is not interested in any of these.

Wallace: So why do U.S. officials say that Iran is trying to develop a nuclear bomb, that you have an active program in Esfahan, that you have had chemical weapons for years, and that you are trying to develop biological weapons?

Rohani: We have the same question. Why don't you ask the American officials why we are being accused while our country's door is open to any agency to inspect. This American accusation is immoral. This American accusation is not within the framework of international relations. When we accept inspectors, the inspectors are free to go anywhere they wish. Therefore, American officials have no right to use this kind of language against any country. When America itself has used weapons of mass destruction against innocent people in its history, it should at least not accuse any other country. America is the only country that has blocked inspections for chemical weapons. Our country's door is open for chemical and biological weapons inspectors.

Wallace: Let me ask you about a different weapon. Are you developing a Shahab missile that would be capable of reaching Tel Aviv?

Rohani: Iran has sent a plan to the U.N. for producing this missile, and today is waiting for a special regulation for this missile plan, and Iran is cooperating. But why are you mentioning Tel Aviv? Israel itself has atomic bombs. Why is America not condemning Israel? Israel has not signed any international treaties against such weapons. Why? Israel has flatly refused to sign any of these. You do not clearly and directly condemn Israel, but Iran, which has signed everything and keeps its door open, you accuse us with no evidence? Our question is, what is your reason for accusing us?

Wallace: Are you accusing the United States of having a double standard in the way it judges nations?

Rohani: Certainly. America uses a double standard. They close their eyes toward Israel and accuse the countries they don't have good relations with.

Wallace: Why do you think the U.S. views Iran as such as enemy?

Rohani: This is the same question you brought up at the beginning of this discussion. America is not pleased with the Islamic republic of Iran and the revolution of Iran because during the Shah's regime, there was a government in power that was a puppet at the service of the United States that would act on America's orders. Generally speaking, America is not keen on independent countries. America is not keen on people's freedom. America is keen on countries that completely surrender themselves and act according to America's demands.

U.S. Strike on Iraq

Wallace: How would Iran view a U.S. Invasion of Iraq?

Rohani: We basically do not accept any American invasion of any Islamic nation.

Wallace: You would not be happy to the United States to dispose of your longtime enemy, Saddam Hussein?

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