Searching for Paige

Grand Junction, Colo., sits nestled in the heart of a massive valley. Surrounded by the majestic mesas and canyons of the western Rockies, it is quiet, peaceful and so vast it's easy to imagine that someone could vanish there without a trace.

Frank Birgfeld's daughter Paige did just that when she disappeared earlier this summer. Now he searches the Colorado River for his daughter, convinced that she can be found.

"I think the word is effervescent," he said. "She was … she's the kind of person when she comes in the room and meets you, she always gives you a big smile."

Paige Birgfeld is 34 years old, an attractive model and dancer and a struggling businesswoman. Twice divorced, Paige is a single, devoted mother of three. For Frank, the hardest part is not being able to follow his fatherly instinct to help his daughter.

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"She's out there somewhere, and I can't protect her," he said.

Paige's disappearance is riddled with questions. Was it a kidnapping? Did she run away?

Or did it have to do with a secret life the soccer mom was hiding from everyone — including her own family?

Strange Disappearance, 'Persons of Interest'

On the night of June 28, Paige was driving home alone to her children, but she never made it to her front door. Upon receiving a call from the sheriff's office informing them that their daughter was missing, Frank and his wife, Suzanne, immediately jumped in their car and drove the three hours to Grand Junction, desperately calling Paige's cell phone, to no avail.

The next day, Paige's car was found just 2 miles from her home — vandalized and set on fire. Paige's family led a group of volunteers in their massive search over hundreds of square miles, through desert scrub brush and murky waterways.

Within days of her disappearance, investigators and volunteers found several personal items belonging to Paige a few miles southeast of Grand Junction: a checkbook and a video-store membership card. The clues initially seemed promising, but they didn't lead to Paige.

There are, however, a broad range of "persons of interest" — individuals whom police have not named as suspects, but whom they are talking to. According to the police, one of those on their list is her first husband, Ron Beigler. Shortly before Paige's disappearance, it seemed the couple was discussing rekindling their relationship and Paige met with Beigler just hours before her disappearance. Beigler denies having had anything to do with it.

Then there's Rob Dixon, Paige's second husband and the father of her children. In October 2005, Dixon was charged with slapping and punching Paige inside their million-dollar home.

According to Paige's friends Riina Stockemer, Barbara Campbell and Andrea Land, Dixon is a man with a violent temper.

"Lately, she was very concerned about him being around the kids. She had a lot of worry that it wasn't a healthy situation," Campbell said.

Dixon was the first person that Land and Campbell thought of in connection with Paige's disappearance, but Dixon had an alibi. He was almost 2,000 miles away in Philadelphia at the time his ex-wife went missing.

Police have also talked with Ralph Jones, a convicted felon with a violent past who works at an RV dealership just a few hundred feet from where Paige's car was found. While Jones has not been named a suspect, his home has been searched twice.

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