Primetime Crime: What Secrets Led to a 'Violent Death'?

Amy and Bob Bosley and their two children, Trevor and Morgan, formed a portrait of a perfect loving family.

The couple ran a million-dollar business, and they had sports cars, horses, a private plane and a 50-foot luxury boat. They even owned a 35-acre estate where they planned to build a castlelike dream house. In their small community of Campbell County, Ky., they were like local royalty, known not only for their fortune but also for their good nature.

But early one spring morning, that all changed.

"Someone is breaking into my house," Amy Bosley frantically told a 911 dispatcher on the phone. "Oh my God, he shot my husband!" she exclaimed.

Police rushed to the Bosley's cabin and discovered a horrible scene: the back door broken in, shattered glass everywhere and in the bedroom, 42-year-old Bob Bosley shot to death. Detective Dave Fickenscher said the scene was very bloody. "You could see bullet holes everywhere. He was hit seven times -- that's a violent death."

The community was stunned. "That sort of thing doesn't happen here," said local businessman Steve Taylor. Family and friends wondered who could commit such a grisly murder, especially against someone as popular as Bob Bosley.

Police immediately launched a manhunt but the trail quickly turned cold, because the most distinctive thing Amy remembered about the intruder was that he smelled bad. "He stunk like body odor, only worse," she told investigators.

As police pressed her for information, another side of Bob emerged. Amy admitted that her husband kept secrets from her. Close friends revealed that Bob had enemies, including disgruntled former employees and business rivals.

Soon, what was once a whisper around town -- the intimate details of Bob and Amy's marriage -- was exposed to the public. Bob had a reputation as a ladies man and loved to party on his boat at Lake Cumberland, a beautiful place to relax, drink and do things you might not do at home.

According to Amy, Bob would disappear to Lake Cumberland alone for days at a time. Did something happen on that lake that could have lead to Bob Bosley's death, or did police uncover another secret to help them solve the murder?

Find out Tuesday, September 4th on "Primetime Crime" at 9 p.m. EDT.