Man Claims Aliens Send Him Messages

Photo: On the outskirts of Denver, Stan Romanek says he encountered his first UFO almost eight years ago.

Stan Romanek says he encountered his first UFO on the outskirts of Denver almost eight years ago.

"It was just after dark," he said. "And I looked up and there was this big red blue looking UFO."

In 2000, Romanek's video camera caught a shaky bright light in the sky. Others in the park that same night say they witnessed it too and the video made it onto the local news.

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But that was only the beginning for Romanek, 46, who belongs to a growing community of believers who say they have been personally touched by extraterrestrials. Since then, Romanek says he has been abducted by other forms of life.

"What they are? I couldn't tell you. Are they from a different planet? I can't tell you. I know they're not human, whatever they are," he told ABC News. "But as far as I'm concerned, they're not from here."

Romanek captured the alleged sightings of extraterrestrials on video and showed "Primetime" the evidence of his contact with extraterrestrials.

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Romanek Claims to Witness Paranormal Phenomena

Romanek said his first UFO sighting occurred in broad daylight, while he was driving his car near Denver's red rocks amphitheater in September 2001. Afterwards, he said, he began seeing UFOs all the time and could barely look up without seeing some strange light or "orb" in the sky.

"If you're a true experiencer, true abductee, you have what's called high strangeness," Romanek said. "All these weird, bizarre paranormal things start to happen, almost like your house is ... being haunted."

Over the years, Romanek claims his wristwatch stopped working, lights would flicker at his mere presence, and birds would crash into his car.

"It's almost like they're chasing me," he told ABC News. "Maybe I'm the story, for whatever reason, they're harassing me and I can't tell you why. ... I have no answer to that. Even now, eight years later, I have no answer for you. I can't tell, you know, why me."

He claims that one night aliens came knocking on his door at 2:30 in the morning and woke him up.

"Three creatures -- beings -- came to the door, I, honestly I thought it was somebody in a mask. I thought they were going to rob us," Romanek said. "As I got closer, I started wondering if they were masks because I could see the veins in their head, I could see their facial movements. I could see their mouth move. I could see their eyes blink. And as I got really close, that when I realized that this is something different. And I started to get frightened."

Romanek told ABC News that the female being led him out of his second-story apartment onto the balcony. He recalled feeling a "tap" on the back of his head and waking up in a room in an unknown location, surrounded by a bizarre light. There, he said remembers being on a table, in severe pain.

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Romanek said the beings communicated with him telepathically, filling his mind with unexplained and often apocalyptic images.

"Images of this horrible catastrophe, you know, wind so strong it's scouring the pavement off the earth, forests burning, devastation of the planet," he said. "And when it was over, I'm going, when is this going to happen? When's this going to happen? Because, I was pretty much in tears by this point. I was so terrified."

He said he is convinced the aliens were trying to send him a message.

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