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Think of it this way: Instead of pictures, Radio provides audio for all the stories that ABC News covers, producing seven live broadcasts each hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's in addition to an hourly audio feed, and breaking news coverage as warranted. ABC News Radio has correspondents located around the world and fully functioning bureaus in New York,Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami and London. If you turn on a radio and hear a national or international news item, there's a good chance that audio came from ABC News!

Special Events:

The ABC News Special Events unit is responsible for coverage of breaking news stories and planned events for ABC News. This includes most nonscheduled broadcasts, special reports and coverage of major events including presidential and congressional elections and the papal succession. Working with other units within ABC, the Special Events group prepares for major breaking news with video, graphics, booking lists, editorial and operational planning and coordination with shows and bureaus. The Special Events unit produces live coverage of these stories, working with anchors in New York and Washington and correspondents and producers around the world.

Brian Ross Unit:

The Brian Ross Unit produces investigative pieces for all of ABC News' programming. In addition to on-air broadcasting, the unit also has a popular Web site with daily investigative reports and broadcasts an investigative radio piece each morning. Typical stories involve global terrorism, al Qaeda, national security, and Washington corruption.

Law & Justice Unit:

The Law & Justice Unit is a group of former lawyers and award-winning producers who generate, report and produce major legal stories for all of the network's news programs and platforms. The unit works on subjects ranging from crime mysteries to Supreme Court rulings, civil liberties, juvenile justice, the death penalty, or terrorism. As a division of the Investigative Projects Unit, the Law & Justice Unit has also contributed to the network's coverage of Sept. 11 and its aftermath, the Columbia shuttle accident, and other major news stories such as the Iraq war. The unit works with ABC's senior legal correspondent Christopher Cuomo.

Longform Unit:

The award-winning Longform Unit at ABC News produces documentaries, documentary series, and hourlong specials for the network as well as cable and other media platforms. Prior projects have included "NYPD 24/7," "Jesus, Mary & DaVinci," "In The Jury Room" and the "Medical Mysteries" series.

The Political Unit:

ABC News' Political Unit follows political trends and issues. The unit also produces a daily report called "The Note," which highlights and analyzes the political themes of the day.

Medical Unit:

Based in our Boston bureau, the Medical Unit follows breaking news in the medical world.

Business Unit:

The Business Unit focuses on changes in the economy and the impact of these changes to the U.S. and international business markets.

The Polling Unit:

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