Kylie Minogue Opens Up About Aging

PHOTO: Kylie Minogue poses for photographers as she arrives at the Echo 2014 music awards show in Berlin, March 27, 2014.

Tough to believe that Kylie Minogue is 45?

She thinks so too.

"When I say out loud I'm 45, I think: 'Really? Wait a sec, how? That's not right!' You have to accept it, even if you don't feel like accepting it sometimes," Minogue told Good Housekeeping. "But hey, I'm lucky to be here so it's all good."

After Cancer, Kylie Minogue Returns Like 'a Tornado'

Saying she's "all right at the moment," the singer also acknowledged she's going through a bit of a transition. Minogue, who is currently single, split last year from her boyfriend of five years, model Andres Velencoso.

Dating is "not even on my radar at the moment," she added.

"It was definitely sad for a while, because you're no longer hanging out with your buddy, your best mate," she said. "But I think being so busy has been a blessing, and we're still in touch. Genuinely, it was a healthy separation. I was relieved there weren't any stories about him doing this or that, as it's just not him. He's a really, really good guy."

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