Brazilian Couple So Sick of World Cup Preparations They're Leaving the Country

PHOTO: Marcos Nabuco and Karla Matos of Rio de Janeiro said that stress from the citys preparations leading up to this years World Cup opening drove them to leave for Chile for two weeks.PlayABC News
WATCH This Couple Is So Sick of the World Cup They're Leaving Brazil

The 2014 World Cup is here -- but not everyone is excited about it.

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For people in Brazil, it is a time to root for their beloved national team. For others, like Karla Matos and Marcos Nabuco, a year of preparations across Rio de Janeiro leading up to today's opening match has been too much.

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The couple said the World Cup, and the preparations that have taken months, has brought with it traffic, longer commutes to work, street venders selling loud horns and higher prices at local restaurants.

"The stress really took over. ... We need a break from that," Matos told ABC News.

As a result, the couple, who live in Rio's Botafogo neighborhood, are now off on a two-week vacation in the Atacama desert in Chile.