Bulls get Tom Thibodeau's frustration

"No, because you want to communicate with everybody," he said. "Your owner, management, and sometimes things may not go your way, but you have to be professional about it. You have to move forward. There's a lot of decisions that get made. And as long as you have your input, that's all you can ask for. Everyone has to do their job. My job is to coach the guys that are here, and that's all I'm thinking about."

Paxson knows he just made Thibodeau's job more difficult by trading Deng.

"We respect Tom a lot," Paxson said. "And speaking to him this morning, he's the head coach of the Chicago Bulls. He wants to win the games. We all want to win the games. And this makes it more challenging, and we know that. But we have great faith in his ability and we also have great faith in the fact that this gives us the best opportunity going forward to create a deeper roster. One that will give us a better chance to win going forward."

Thibodeau said he shared a personal message with Deng, whom the coach has called "the glue" of the Bulls, after the deal went down.

"I thanked him for all that stuff that he did," Thibodeau said. "It's almost 10 years. I think he was a big part of lifting the team out of the five or six years in the lottery before he got here. Then what he did for me. You couldn't ask anything more of a player. Practice hard, be a great leader, play for the team, be selfless. Whatever I asked him to do, he did. And he bought in from day one, from the minute I got here.

"So I appreciated that and I thought when you look at what he did, the way he worked and the way he performed, those are two things I value greatly. And then when you add to it the type of person he is, all the things that he did in the community. He embodied what we stand for. Lu was never the type of guy that would call attention to himself by the things that he did. He did a lot of good things in this community because he felt it was the right thing to do."

Deng offered a goodbye to Chicago via Twitter.

"You will hear a lot of can't and a lot of won't, but you give it everything you can because you believe in yourself and your teammates. You push yourself with your heart, mind and soul, and smile every night knowing you put love and passion into it. Thank you, Chicago," Deng wrote.

The Bulls got a future first-round draft pick owed to the Cavs by the Sacramento Kings from a 2011 trade for J.J. Hickson. The Bulls will get the Kings' pick if it falls outside the top 12 in 2014 or outside the top 10 picks in 2015, '16 or '17. The Bulls also got the 2015 and '16 second-round picks the Portland Trail Blazers owed the Cavs. In a final piece, the Bulls will be able to swap draft positions with the Cavs in 2015 as long as Cleveland's draft pick is outside the top 14 picks.

In addition to their own draft pick, the Bulls also own the Charlotte Bobcats' 2014 first-round pick if it falls outside the top 10. They also own the rights to star Spanish forward Nikola Mirotic, who they hope to bring over to play next season.

Paxson also said Tuesday a decision on whether to amnesty the final year of  Carlos Boozer's contract has not been made yet.

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