Dez Bryant: 'Can't be distracted'

Bryant said he has "no clue" why the sides have yet to reach a deal, but he's adamant that it won't be on his mind once the season starts. He intends to make sure of that by tabling contract talks until next offseason.

"Once the season starts, I'm all in," Bryant said. "I've got this team to worry about. ...The work that I put in, the love, the real love, the real passion that I have for this game overtakes everything.

"I honestly feel like what I do sooner or later, I'm going to get what I deserve. I believe it. That's why I don't stress about. There's no need to stress about it. It's coming. I know it's coming. So no need to worry about it."

Jones appreciates that Bryant doesn't want the business side of the NFL affecting his focus on football.

"That's not uncommon and it makes all the sense in the world," Jones said. "I know Dez, know him well and he wants to have his mind on nothing but football. Obviously, he wants to be responsible as it pertains to his business, but it's a pleasure to have someone that the only thing other than his family that matters to him is playing football for the Dallas Cowboys.

"I know he wants to be able to walk out there against San Francisco and not think about anything else. That's a plus for everybody."

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