Eagles widening lead atop NFC East

Like the Eagles' other acquisitions, Sproles can also help out on special teams, which is one of Kelly's requirements. Kelly understands that field position matters. Jones is capable of pinning opponents deep in their own territory. Sproles is capable of giving the offense the ball with great field position.

That matters.

The Cowboys, Redskins and Giants are going to have to adjust. They will need to have speed on defense. They will need to be well conditioned because the Eagles will run a quick tempo. And they will have to be able to put up points on the board, because Philadelphia most certainly will do so.

Dallas hasn't become better on defense this offseason; it has become worse. New York still needs receiver help and must replace Justin Tuck. Washington is transitioning to first-year head coach Jay Gruden.

Philadelphia is out in front in the division, which Jenkins noticed early last season.

"It was apparent by Week 4 or 5 that there was something different about this Eagle team and what Chip Kelly brought to the table," Jenkins said, "and it caught the attention of a lot of people.

"So ... my first impression was that [Kelly] knows how to win, he knows what he's going to win with, and they're trying to get players that fit his scheme, not necessarily the best players but players who will buy into what he's selling. I've been a part of winning teams before, and that's where it starts. It starts with good leadership from top down, from the coaches all the way down to the players.

"I see him trying to build that, and that's why I want to be a part of it."

The building continues. This is only Year 2 of the Kelly era. Free agency will wind down and then there is the draft. Kelly will continue to expand the offense, rebuild the defense and focus on special teams.

There are no champions of the offseason, but with shrewd personnel decisions, Philadelphia has shown the gap between it and the rest of the NFC East is only getting wider.

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