Jadeveon Clowney-LT talk is lunacy

Clowney might turn out to be as good as them. He might turn out to be as good as Taylor. But it is premature to project him into either stratosphere, given the relatively small body of work he produced in college, often against competition that will not make it to the next level.

Why not pump the breaks and let him try to be the best Jadeveon Clowney he can be?

Banks brought up another point. The rules governing practice now are much different than when he, Taylor and the others played. There are fewer practices in training camp. There is less hitting. Once the regular season starts, there are a limited number of practices in pads. Most work is done in the form of glorified walk-throughs.

It is one thing for quarterbacks and receivers to develop timing by working through route trees. It is something else for defensive players to hone their craft when their only real work happens on game days.

Practice is a place where Taylor excelled.

"LT was the guy that would always set the tempo for practice, whether he hated every drill," Banks said. "He would complain after the fact, but he would give 100 percent. ... He never took a play off, never wanted to take a play off and resented players who took plays off. He'd talk about you if you wouldn't finish."

That certainly has not been the scouting report on Clowney.

There could be a time when Clowney deserves being compared to Taylor, but it is not now. Not yet. To suggest otherwise is unfair to Clowney and disrespectful to Taylor.

At the very least, Clowney first needs the time and opportunity to show what he's going to do just to get on the football field.

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