Missouri didn't pursue alleged assault

'I'm still damaged goods'

Menu Courey's accounts in her journal and online chat with the counselor differ from that of Woodland in that she describes only one assailant. Woodland said she was unaware, perhaps due to her intoxication, that multiple football players were taking turns having intercourse with her.

Gil Moye, a running back who left the team in February 2010, told "Outside the Lines" in a phone interview that he had consensual sex with Menu Courey that evening. He denied that he let other players assault her, or that teammates had sex with her at all.

Moye had agreed to an on-camera interview but backed out, writing in a text message, "I'm concerned about myself. I would like to help as much as I can, [but] it was a really touchy subject and is still wearing on me now. Again I'm really sorry but I have nothin to gain from doing this."

Menu Courey's parents shared excerpts of her diary with "Outside the Lines." In one entry a month before she committed suicide, Menu Courey describes being gripped with fear over the alleged incident and describes why she never took it to police.

"Gil would have to be willing to testify and I doubt he'd testify against one of his 'friends', even if he did seem to feel really terrible after I'd been raped," she wrote. "I really really would like to think that Gil had nothing to do with planning me getting raped. I'd really like to believe his excuse that he was too drunk to intervene and that he had no idea that guy was going to come into his room and force himself inside me. Ugh, [expletive] it. Even if Gil had nothing to do with it and Gil testified in court, what would I get out of it anyway? I've still been raped, and no matter how many times I've had sex afterwards, I'm still damaged goods.

"Maybe I could stop the guy who raped me from raping other girls? He is awfully creepy and what he did to me was so not right. He might not be your textbook rapist, but he sure loved [to] take full advantage of me. How many girls has he taken advantage of like this? How many girls since me? Should I be feeling guilty for not having pressed charges then? I just can't do it. I wouldn't be able to face him and go through the whole legal process."

One of the players Woodland identified as raping Menu Courey told "Outside the Lines" that he never had sex with her, that night or any other.

The parents of the late swimmer remain unconvinced -- yet hopeful that the new information will cause law enforcement to begin investigating the alleged assault.

"This cost her her health," Lynn Courey said. "It cost her her swimming. It cost her her life. I really believe today that the rape really put her into that borderline personality [disorder] full bloom. This is what killed her. The reason why she needed all this treatment is because she was raped. And nothing was done about it."

Nicole Noren is a producer for ESPN's Enterprise/Investigative Unit and can be reached at Nicole.K.Noren@espn.com.

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