In the Playoff, humans matter again

And guess what? It won't make any difference when the CFP selection committee meets on Mondays and Tuesdays and releases its first rankings on Oct. 28. It won't make any difference when the committee releases its final rankings Dec. 7 -- college football's Selection Sunday.

Stoops, Saban, Fisher, Briles, Shaw ... it's all just offseason noise. South Carolina's Steve Spurrier, Clemson's Dabo Swinney, Pluto, Mars ... it's what the Head Ball Coach calls "talking season" -- and he's right.

The talking season is about protecting territory. It's about recruiting. It's a lot of coaches taking their larynxes for a walk.

Right now, the preseason final four features Stoops vs. Saban on one side of the bracket and the criminal justice system vs. player arrestees on the other side. If we went to an eight-berth playoff, we'd add Texas' Charlie Strong vs. his own roster and FSU's Jameis Winston vs. the 2015 NFL draft.

But once the season officially begins Aug. 27, the football calculus changes. Everything changes.

Can Florida State repeat? Can Fisher monetize peanuts in soft drinks?

If there is a football god, can he/she please arrange for an OU-Bama semi?

Will one conference have two teams in the final four? And if it's the SEC, will Stoopsy's head and visor explode?

Will Condoleezza Rice have to miss any teaching time at Stanford? (We can answer that now -- her PolEcon 584: Managing Global Political Risk class doesn't begin until Feb. 23, 2015. Pass/fail, by the way. And absences will affect your grade.)

Which program is going to play the role of Auburn this season and come out of nowhere?

Which team is going to be fifth in the selection committee's final ranking -- and insist it deserved to be fourth?

Will there be a CFP war-room cam?

Is it too late to add a 14th committee member? I can get Mondays and Tuesdays off.

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