Preseason of frustration, domination

Q: I'm curious to hear your opinion on the best fit for Ryan Mallett following this contract year. How about the Vikings? With Norv Turner at the helm, Christian Ponder's struggles at QB, a monster running game with Adrian Peterson and promising young receivers in Cordarrelle Patterson and Jarius Wright -- Mallet's go-to guy at Arkansas -- I feel he is a perfect fit for Minnesota.

Jake in Cabot, Arkansas

A: Mallett, who has a great arm, has been disappointing for New England in the preseason and in practices, and that surprises me. Minnesota isn't the fit for him; the Vikings already have Cassel and Bridgewater. I would say Houston would be a more logical team. Bill O'Brien worked with Mallett in 2011. With Tom Savage looking more like a developmental quarterback in his first year and Case Keenum not being an O'Brien selection, it might not be a bad idea for the Texans to offer a low draft choice for Mallett to be a backup.

Q: Is it pretty much a guarantee San Francisco is going to grab whichever QB the Seahawks don't keep? The Seahawks and 49ers have a tendency to pick up the players the other team releases. Since the Niners' backup, Blaine Gabbert, is so awful, I have to think they are looking to upgrade, and here the Seahawks are with three decent backups, including B.J. Daniels, who came over from San Francisco the past year. Or I can totally see the Niners grabbing Terrelle Pryor if he doesn't make the Seahawks. He would fit right in behind Colin Kaepernick. Is it a huge stretch to think the Hawks might keep him just so S.F. can't have him?

Tom in Seattle

A: You could be right, but the Seahawks need to worry about keeping their best 53 players, instead of worrying about keeping players away from the 49ers. I'm sure the 49ers would want to bring Daniels back as a No. 3 quarterback or a practice squad player. I'm not sold they would do something with Pryor; I think they would consider Tarvaris Jackson. The 49ers say they have confidence in Gabbert, but I still believe they have to look and find someone better.

Q: What do you think Alex Boone's trade value is? A second- or third-round pick? A potential better backup QB? I would love to trade Boone to Tampa Bay for Mike Glennon and a fourth-rounder, given that the Bucs are rumored to be interested in Boone.

From Matt in Richmond, Virginia

A: At the very least, Boone is worth a fourth-rounder, but it might take a fourth that could upgrade to a No. 3 to get the veteran guard. Throwing in Glennon might only complicate the trade. The bigger question is whether the 49ers would trade Boone. It would set a bad example for other teammates who might not be happy with their contracts, that they could dictate their exit from the team. Guard Mike Iupati is a free agent after the season, so the 49ers would ultimately be without their two best guards if they trade Boone and don't re-sign Iupati. The Bucs might be in a position to pay a premium to make a Boone trade.

Q: A lively debate has been waging since camps started regarding fights among teammates. Is there any benefit to it for the team, or is it just a disruption of the prep work needed for the season?

From Adam in Nashville, Tennessee

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