Q&A with Andrew McCutchen

Olney: That's the one you absorb.
McCutchen: Yes, exactly. That's what we deal with as humans. We don't like negative feedback. So that's why I try and get myself in the habit of being positive all the time. I really think that helps a player throughout the course of the season, because more times than not, you're going to fail. But it's how you deal with failure, how you get out of it and turn that negative into a positive and move forward.

Olney: How nervous were you before you proposed to your girlfriend on the "Ellen [DeGeneres] Show"?
McCutchen: Oh, I was more nervous than playing in the wild-card game. Way more nervous. I would much rather be in front of 45,000 fans, a sellout game in the World Series and I'm the last guy hitting -- two outs and we're down by one with the bases loaded. I would much rather be in that situation than standing up there doing what I was doing. And I'm just trying to talk to Ellen and think about what I'm going to say, and I didn't know if it was coming out right. I felt like it was coming out a little too fast.

Olney: It felt like you were a little out of breath.
McCutchen: Yes, and I'm just trying to act like it's nothing, trying to act like I'm not about to do this. So I'm going to act like I'm having a lot of fun -- which I was. But I was way more nervous. I'm happy I was able to get it out and not just break down or forget or, you know, black out. In the end, it was a lot of fun.

Olney: How much of a setup was there? Your fiancée knew you were going to be on the show, but what was she told?
McCutchen: Just that I was going on Ellen: "Ellen knows I like the show, and she knows I like to dance!" I was coming off an MVP season and the Pirates doing what they're doing, Ellen wanted me on the show. That's all that she knew. Even when the video came on, she still didn't know, she said. She was just watching the video and thinking, Oh, that's nice of him to put me in the video. It was a lot of fun that she had no idea.


I'm a big believer on just being consistent with your attitude and getting up to some positive music to get you going.

" -- McCutchen

Olney: How much response do you get to that when you're out on the street?
McCutchen: Oh man, that's the only response I get. I'm walking down the street in Bradenton for spring training and a couple women just walk by, "Oh you're the guy on Ellen!" A funny story: I was at the baseball field at IMG Bradenton -- cleats on, gloves on. Two women walk by and say: "Oh I know you. You're that guy who proposed to his girlfriend on Ellen." I said yes. One woman is like: "That was so nice. And you're a real baseball player!" I was like, "Uh, yes, I actually do play baseball." She said: "Oh, I didn't know that. I just thought that you were just, you know, on there proposing." I always joke about people that say congratulations and I'm like, for the proposal, right? And they say, "Yes, what else would it be?" MVP wasn't important to them, I guess. That's fine.

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