Remembering an upset for the ages

U-M's Brady Hoke: We were at an alumni event in Chicago this offseason, and one alum raises his hand and goes, "Who scheduled that game? All the week before the game, there will be nothing but highlights of the loss." I stood and said, "Get over it. Go play the game."

U-M's Carlos Brown: I think it's a good thing for us to play them again. Hopefully, the same thing doesn't happen again.

ASU's Armanti Edwards: Part of me is like, no, just keep it as the big upset we had. But the competitive side of me is like, yes, let's go shock the world again. And better yet, they know we're coming this time.

ASU's Corey Lynch: I still hear about that [2007] game an absurd amount. Pretty much daily. If I keep hearing about it every day, seven years later, it must have been a pretty big upset.

ASU's Jerry Moore: It was like the U.S. hockey team beating Russia in the [1980 Winter] Olympics. It's one that you just remember the rest of your life.


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