Revenge for LeBron best served cold

"I also think the length that they have had at the wing position helps out as well. Very active with their hands. They kind of they want to bait you into taking low-percentage shots, and that's the contested two-point shot. ... They kind of try to bait you into taking shots that [are] maybe out of your team's comfort zone."

Not only can the Spurs throw the long arms of Kawhi Leonard at LeBron, Leonard's confidence in the help defense allows him to guard LeBron as closely as possible on the perimeter.

"Me playing the wing, I know I have Tim Duncan or Tiago [Splitter] or Aron Baynes or guys playing behind me to contest the rim," Leonard said. "I guess it just starts with, individually, guys playing the rim. And just knowing that your teammates will be there for you."

We've seen LeBron overcome great defenses to single-handedly win playoff games before. It happened when he scored 25 consecutive points in Detroit in 2007. It happened when he scored 45 points on 73 percent shooting in Boston in 2012.

More recently, we've seen the Spurs give up 40 points to Westbrook and 44 to Stephen Curry in the past two playoffs. You should note that Westbrook played 45 minutes and Curry played 58 minutes in a double-overtime loss.

To see LeBron put on one of his all-time great scoring nights against the Spurs' defense would be like a rarely-seen comet crossing the path of a solar eclipse. You won't find that anywhere in the manual.

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