Seattle's win could transform NFL

The Chancellor play was sweet for Seattle and very sour for Denver. A slow start would have been one thing for the Broncos offense. An early careless interception gave the impression Denver was in over its head.

New York Times Corrections on Fast-Forward: From the past six months of the corrections page in the Paper of Record:

• Retracted a statement that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had been a "brat" as a child.

• Referred to the pop singer as Justin Timberland. Perhaps for an endorsement fee, he would change his name.

• On at least seven occasions, including twice in the same story, confused a million dollars with a billion dollars. Maybe Geithner edited the story.

• Confused a billion dollars with a trillion dollars. Hey, is this the New York Times or a White House budget briefing?

• Confused plants with animals.

• Of the show "Homeland," "misidentified the setting where Carrie and Brody first had sex. It was in a car, not a lakeside cottage." Baby, I was going to take you to a romantic lakeside cottage, but let's just do it in the back seat.

• To illustrate how much $20 billion is, a Page 1 lead story said this amount could "finance the Yankees' payroll for 10 years." That would be a baseball payroll of $2 billion per season: for 100 years is correct.

• "An obituary about the conductor Wolfgang Sawallisch erroneously included one singer on a list of those Mr. Sawallisch recruited to perform with the Bavarian State Opera in 1971."

• Said Boise, Idaho, is the "most remote" large city in the United States. Then someone remembered Alaska, and the paper ran a correction stating Anchorage is the most remote large city. Then someone else remembered Hawaii, and the paper ran a second correction naming Honolulu.

• Of Gov. Abutment (aka New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie) and the Bridge Too Fargled scandal, "referred incorrectly to recent Hoboken mayors who were imprisoned." Only two of the three most recent Hoboken mayors went to jail for corruption, not all three.

• The headline of a Page 1 article mixed up the difference between ADHD and hyperactivity. Those Times headline writers need to focus!

• Erred in describing how Japanese actors in monster suits attack models of Tokyo in movies about Gamera, a Godzilla competitor. The correction, the Times huffed, "was delayed for research." Research into an imaginary fire-breathing giant bipedal turtle?

• "An earlier version of this article misstated the name of a movie Mr. Goldstein starred in. It is 'Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy Are Screwed,' not 'Al Goldstein & Ron Jeremy Get Screwed.'"

• For the sixth consecutive year since TMQ started doing a New York Times corrections item, the paper mistook a woman for a man. The Times also mistook a man for a woman, calling Enda Kenny, prime minister of Ireland, "she" on second reference. The Times mistook a dress for a skirt. The latter mistake occurred in a fashion article.

• Corrected an error the paper made in 1877.

• Erred about who owns the most expensive penthouse in Manhattan. This means someone called to complain, "Mine cost more!"

• "Referred incorrectly to the testing of counterfeit Viagra." Chemical testing, not the other kind.

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