Sessions: John Wall, all grown up

Wall: I've always approached and respected the game because you never know when your last game could be. You can have a season-ending, career-ending injury and it be your first game in the league. ?

Scoop: Right, right, right, right. ?

Wall: ? You wish that never happens, I mean, ever since my rookie year when I sprained my foot. ? I came back. That was tough for me trying to figure out how to play and learn the game. And when you have those types of injuries where you can't work out or run, you can't get better. So you're still going to be the same player when you come back. So last year when I hurt my knee, it gave me a lot of time to sit back and look at my teammates and see what type of guys we had and how I could help this team. And we were only seven games out of the playoff spot and I missed the first 33 games. That there let me know what I mean to a team and how much my teammates mean to me. And uh, that injury scared me. I mean, they told me [in the beginning] I could miss eight weeks, then turn around and it's two months and then they say I might have to have surgery. I'm like, "Oh, s---! C'mon now, you just told me eight weeks then it went to two months and now I might miss the whole season?" That was tough because the main part for me was coming and playing well at the same level.

Scoop: Explain that fear.

Wall: Scoop, I was nervous. I use a lot of athleticism. I use speed. That's the one thing I'm changing, learning to play at a different pace and playing at different angles and speeds. So once they told me that I might have to have surgery [last year], I knew I won't be too bad because it's the same thing Blake Griffin had done: broke his kneecap. I just knew I was on the verge of that, and I was just like, "Maaaannn, I don't want to break it." But they always say it's better to have surgery that way than to have a sprain or a stress [fracture]. So that whole thing, being injured, frustrated me.

Scoop: But you got to see the game probably for the first time in your life. A blessing in disguise. At least that's the way I see it.

Wall: Like I say, everything God puts you through is a plan. That's what he has for you, and you never question what's God's plans are with your life. And I think those people that are patient, good things happen to them when they come to them. And I think the reason I was an All-Star this year and am playing in the playoffs for the first time and doing all of this and getting my accomplishments and goals set, is because of that. Plus, I have a great organization ahead of me, great coaching staff and teammates.

Scoop: What's the best advice someone in the League has ever given you?

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