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Former CIA director George Tenet has been complaining like mad about Obama's "we tortured some folks" admission and an accompanying Senate report. Tenet is perhaps the single slipperiest person in American history. Not only did he say, in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq -- whose true purpose, if any, we still don't know -- that it was "a slam dunk" that Iraq had atomic weapons. Not only did Tenet's agency provide the assurances that former Secretary of State Colin Powell used to lie to the world in his United Nations speech declaring the United States was certain that Iraq had atomic weapons. Not only did Tenet fabricate self-serving factual claims in "At the Center of the Storm," his book of self-praise. Anyone remember the accidental 1999 United States bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade? During Operation Allied Force, the military chose all targets save one -- a Belgrade building Tenet's CIA supplied the GPS coordinates for, saying it was the center of Yugoslavia's anti-Kosovar conspiracy. It turned out to be the Chinese embassy, which anyone could have confirmed by walking down the street in Belgrade.

At This Point, Beefcake Might Sell Better Than Cheesecake: Several Olympic ski bunnies posed in little or nothing. It's good that a physically strong, athletic woman can radiate sex appeal; and the gorgeous Mikaela Shiffrin both won a medal and proved she can think on her feet. But to rephrase a question TMQ has asked of NFL and NBA players: Since many male Olympic athletes have fabulous physiques, why is it only female athletes who disrobe for the camera? Only the Body Issue of ESPN The Magazine (Published on Earth the Planet) offers athletic beefcake.

"Bilingual? I Though You Said the Actresses Should Be ..." The Canadian government complained that the nation's pay-per-view channels were not showing enough Canadian-made porn.

Everything That's Wrong with Congress in a Nutshell, Democratic Edition: In March, Democrats kept the Senate in session all night in order to deliver speeches about the need for bold action on climate change. Then they took no action, not introducing any bill or calling any vote, despite holding the majority -- because members running for re-election are too timid to have specific policy commitments on record.

Everything That's Wrong with Congress in a Nutshell, GOP Edition: In July, after months of nonstop complaining about the border crisis of unaccompanied minors entering the United States illegally, Republicans in the House first blocked all action of any kind regarding the border, then passed a symbolic bill that stood no chance in the Senate, then adjourned to take five weeks off. Republicans running for re-election hoped to sustain the sense of a border crisis -- the last thing they wanted was a solution!

Nail-Trimming Data Storage Sold Separately: Procter & Gamble unveiled a web-enabled toothbrush that connects to a smartphone. The company notes, "It is not always convenient or easy to remember to have your smartphone in the bathroom, so the Oral-B interactive electric toothbrush handle can store up to 20 brushing sessions. Data is transferred the next time the app is connected to the toothbrush, updating your records." That would be your tooth-brushing records.

Bitpenny for Your Thoughts: To everyone's complete shock, astonishment and utter surprise, money invested in bitcoins vanished. Here is bitcoin's founding vision.

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