Baseball Predictions: Thaaaa Yankees Win!

Damon recalls well how the Red Sox "became America's Team" when it won. And he's even predicting the same thing could happen if these Yankees win, now that they're actually (gulp) "slight underdogs."

OK, so they're not underdogs in the way, say, George Mason is an underdog. But it has been five and a half years. And the White Sox, A's and Indians have seemed like trendier picks this spring. And there sure has been lots of Red Sox and Blue Jays talk.

But come on. Could the Yankees actually make themselves, um, lovable? Hey, why not? If Donald Trump could pull it off, why couldn't this team?

"This is the greatest franchise on this planet," Damon says. "Everyone knows what the New York Yankees are. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. And it's my turn to love 'em."

So now can he charm about 75 million other Americans into loving 'em right along with him? Get back to us in seven months. Just as soon as the 2006 Yankees finish their 27th parade down the Canyon of Heroes.

Jayson Stark is a senior writer for

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