60 Years Later: What Would Jackie Think?

Robinson would be delighted that it's now possible to see teams with a tandem of minorities as general manager and field manager: Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen with the White Sox, Omar Minaya and Willie Randolph with the Mets. But he'd be angry that hiring minorities for top baseball jobs is still about as rare as stealing home.

White, who knew Robinson during his playing days and was the first African-American to serve as a league president, believes Robinson's overall assessment of baseball's integration would be mixed.

"I think Jackie would say there has been some progress," White says. "I think Jackie would also say it hasn't been enough."

John Helyar is a senior writer for ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine. He previously covered the business of sports for The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine and is the author of "Lords of the Realm: The Real History of Baseball."

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