Caple: It doesn't get any better than this

That win was one shy of the largest margin of victory in World Series history, while Arizona set the record for most hits (22) in a series game. The Snakes led 15-0 by the fourth inning. They scored eight runs in the third, chasing starter Andy Pettitte and greeting Witasick with seven hits by the first eight batters the reliever faced.

Anderson said that if the Snakes win the series, it would seem as if they won six of the seven games. He has a point. Take away the ninth-inning home runs in Game 4 and 5 and Arizona is absolutely kicking New York's rear this series, outscoring the Yankees 34-12.

Of course, you can't take away those home runs, or at least not without making some New Yorkers very, very angry. "That's why we play 27 outs. Or 30 or however many it takes," New York reliever Mike Stanton said of his team's remarkable comebacks in Games 4 and 5.

After suffering through those losses, Arizona rubbed Game 6 in a little by playing the first bars of "New York, New York" immediately after the game before cutting to a version of Kool and the Gang's "Celebration."

" It's Roger Clemens. It's Roger Clemens and the Yankees, Game 7. Everybody that's ever played this sport at any level has had a whiffle ball in their hand at some point and said, 'It's the seventh game of the World Series' ... How cool is that? "

- Curt Schilling

"I'm glad they cut it off because nothing is over yet," Mark Grace said. "We still have nine innings left to go. Maybe 15 or 18. But it's going to be terrific. I wish we could go out there and play it right now."

So, obviously losing two straight heartbreaking games didn't bother the Diamondbacks too much. Does getting routed one game affect a team in the next, though? Let's look. This was the 15th blowout game in World Series history (games won by 10 or more runs).

In the previous 14, the team that won the blowout was 7-4 in the next game when one was played (three of the blowouts ended the series). The team that won the blowout won the series eight times and lost it four times, with the 1960 Yankees skewing the totals because they won three blowouts in 1960 and lost the series.

That 1960 series remains one of the most memorable in history, because the Yankees outscored the Pirates 55-27 yet lost it on Bill Mazeroski's dramatic Game 7 home run in the bottom of the ninth inning.

So the Yankees know as well as anyone that getting blown out one game doesn't necessarily mean much the next. Hey, they lost Game 3 of the playoffs to Seattle 14-3 and won the next two to take that series.

"A win is a win and a loss is a loss," Derek Jeter said. "Of course, you don't want to get blown out, but if you win the World Series, who cares what happened in Game 6?"

Jeter didn't assure a victory as Schilling did, but he did guarantee Game 7 will be fun. And Anderson delivered another sure-fire guarantee. That this long, amazing, delightful season will definitely end with Game 7, the final game of the year, the biggest game of the year.

"When you're a little kid dreaming of playing in the World Series, it's never Game 4," Anderson said. "It's Game 7. It's the apex of the season."

Sure we can't talk you guys into just keeping it going, though?

"No," Grace said, "because my heart, liver and bowels couldn't take that."

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