The Uni Watch CFB season preview

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There's a new playoff system, some new conference assignments, and some new schools, but one thing hasn't changed: College football teams are adding new uniforms at a dizzying pace.

But fear not -- the annual Uni Watch season-preview column is here to help you make sense of what you'll be seeing out there on the gridiron.

As usual, we've prepared a comprehensive team-by-team rundown of all the FBS uniform news, broken down by conference. If a team isn't listed here, it means they don't have any changes this year, at least that we're aware of.

Ready? Deep breath -- here we go (for embedded tweets, you can click on the photo to get to a separate Twitter page and then click on the photo again to see a larger version of the image).

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Cincinnati has changed its uni numbers from gray to white, and has also added an American flag patch.

East Carolina has a new helmet, a new font for the chest lettering on the jersey, and a new midfield logo:

Houston has cleaned up its look -- an upgrade. Also, the Cougars have a new turf design, which includes an 11-yard marker for former Heisman winner Andre Ware (further info on that here).

SMU is going back to a more traditional look, complete with the block lettering and, even better, a blue jersey option.

• Nothing new yet for Temple, but the team's equipment staff recently hinted that something is in the works.

• Lots of changes for Tulane. First, the color scheme on the team's logo has been updated, so the Green Wave is now greener than ever. That updated logo appears on a new helmet:

And then there are the new jerseys. And a new turf design to boot!

USF has two new helmets -- gold chrome and matte green:

There was also talk of USF replacing the players' names on the back of the jerseys with "The Team," but that plan was scrapped because it would violate NCAA regulations.


• The ACC has a new logo, which you'll be seeing on jerseys and nose bumpers:

• Interesting move at Clemson, where 1970s quarterback Steve Fuller's No. 4 is being brought out of retirement. It's now being worn by freshman quarterback DeShaun Watson, who's also wearing a patch in honor of Fuller:

"This is the first time we've done something like this," says a team spokesman. "It came about because Watson wanted to wear No. 4, so Dabo [Swinney, head coach] thought it would be a great way to honor Steve. So he talked to Steve and he said yes."

Duke has traded in its shoulder stripes for sleeve stripes, and has also tinkered with its uni numbers:

There's a video of the unveiling here. In addition, the logo and striping on the Blue Devils' black helmets will now be metallic:

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