Uni Watch: Play ball!

• The Padres have added a "JC" memorial patch for broadcaster Jerry Coleman. Also, the team will be wearing brown 1984 throwbacks for a series against the Cubs in late May. And as a footnote, the Padres have a Petco Park 10th-anniversary logo. As you can see there, it's being used on tickets and for other promotional applications, but it won't be appearing on the team's uniforms.

• The Pirates  have added a Ralph Kiner memorial patch. Also, the team's gold "P" logo has replaced the Jolly Roger as the team's primary logo, although that won't have any effect on the team's on-field look. Further info here.

• The Rangers have made adjustments to the lettering on all their jerseys. For the home whites, they've removed the black drop-shadow and reversed the order of the white and red outlining, and they've made those same two changes to the road grays. This will have the very positive effect of making the names and numbers on the back look much less clunky. For the blue alternate jersey, they've removed the beveling from the letterforms. No more beveling for the red alternate either, plus they've added a layer of red outlining between the white and blue layers. Also the team has changed its squatchees -- those are the little buttons on top of the caps -- from contrast-colored to same-colored. Meanwhile: Newly acquired outfielder Shin-Soo Choo has worn a double-flapped batting helmet throughout his big league career, but he's been experimenting with a single-flapped model for some of his spring training at-bats. Remains to be seen what he'll be wearing when the bell rings for Opening Day.

• Huge upgrade for the Red Sox, who've changed their road jersey typography from navy to red. And in a corresponding move, the road pants, which had been solid gray, will now have thin red side piping. They're basically going back to the same road design they wore from 1990 through 2009, and not a moment too soon -- the navy numbers and letters looked too flat, too plain, too blah. (Meanwhile, for those who keep track of such things, the Sox also have shorter beards this season.)

• Two ill-advised moves by the Reds: a camouflage alternate uniform and the revival of the black alternate cap.

• The Rockies will retire Todd Helton's No. 17 on Aug. 17.

• The Royals have updated their blue alternate jersey (further info here). Not bad, although the powder-blue detailing on every element seems like a bit much. Also: Royals players now have new personalized decals for the bottom of their bat knobs.

• The Twins have had two navy alternate jerseys in recent years -- one for home, one for the road -- but now they're scrapping the home version, along with their alternate "M" cap. Also: The Twins are hosting this season's MLB All-Star Game, so they'll be commemorating the event with two different patch designs -- one for the sleeve and one for the cap.

• Last year the White Sox wore 1983 throwbacks for Sunday home games. This year they've given that uni a new cap and redesignated it as a full-fledged alternate uniform.

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